Dorra Slimming review

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No Pain No Gain is the motto for many women to fight against fat. It seems the journey to shape a perfect figure will never be effortless or painless.

However, things have changed. With dorra™ – the French lower body slimming expert, now you are able to bid goodbye to the annoying fat in a snap of finger without suffering from pain or enduring any risk.

Combined with the expertise of specialists, the lower body fat problems, such as Cellulite, Genetic, Middle Aged, Nutrition Caused, Post Natal or Stubborn Fat will be solved with the popular dorra™ Formula.

The formulated essence with fat-burning effect will last up to 12 hours, and promote efficient discharge of fat-cell contents and reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

Besides, the exquisite formula is effective in reducing cellulite, stretch marks and restores skin elasticity, as well as detoxifying and increasing metabolism.Your flabby skin will be tightened and toned; eventually, the lower body silhouette will be finely reshaped.

The result of dorra Formula has been proven.A great number of women have experienced an unbelievable transformation.Donn Chin, a lovely mother and bank teller, was troubled by post-natal weight gain before visiting dorra.


“After giving birth, I started to gain weight. My tummy, hip and thighs were fleshy and bulky. Ugly cellulite as well as stretch marks also appeared. My friend then recommended me to dorra™.

After going through dorra™’s customized treatments, I lost 14.6kg and my size has also gone down from XL to M. My tummy, hip and thighs are slimmer, my skin is firmer and my body is trimmer. When I lose the flab, the weight burden on my knees is also reduced and eventually the pain also lessened.”

I am so happy to hear the words of my 3-year-old son – ‘Mummy is prettier now’.”

Donn is not the only success story. Another pretty lady–Cassey Chung has lost 15kg successfully after joining dorra. Her stunning body makes her easily stand out from the crowd.

“I used to have chunky thighs and bulging tummy. When I was plump, I didn’t like taking photographs. I felt that my huge size especially the lower body blocked the persons who stood near me.

“After I went to dorra™ for 2 months, my size changed from L to S.”

Now, everybody notices her stunning silhouette when she takes photographs. Her elder sister also praised her when she saw Cassey wearing a swimsuit without any signs of cellulite.

Dorraguarantees a 10-30cm loss in just 14 days, and also determined to provide a quick, effective & customized solution. The one-to-one consultation and consistent monitoring of your progress with intensive care have also been spoken highly among the customers.

Mobile Cover Store Malaysia

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Mobile Case Online Store is an online store which is selling ipad cover, iphone case, Samsung case, mini cover, bags, accessories and power banks.

We had earned thousands of loyal customers due to our lower price and quality products. For all items in, we offer free delivery to whole Malaysia. For shipping duration, we guarantee all items will be shipped out within 24 hours and you should expect to receive your item by Fast Mail within 3 working days (max 4 working days) after payment is made. We hope all our customers enjoy pleasant experience while shop with us and we are keen on bringing more new items every weeks


We offer the best quality of tablet covers, phone casing such as Note 2 case and iphone 5 case which you’ll hardly find in the market!

We ensure you that our main focus will be in quality of the products. We will make sure that customers get the best quality from us and we serve customers as V.I.P.

Petroleum Products Malaysia

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Petroleum Products Malaysia

Established since year 1962, Ong Brothers Petroleum is the leader of distributing a wide range of petroleum products such as industrial lubricant , Microcrystalline wax and white oil. Over the years, they have grown steadily into a company which is known for its consistency in producing quality products and services, and their professional approach in serving their customers.

Ong Brothers take pride in our concept of Redefining Quality, where they emphasize on understanding and careful evaluation of their clients’ needs in order to bring them the product and services most suitable for them.

Besides, Ong Brother Petroleum also selling metal working fluids (or commonly known as coolants) provide lubricating and cooling effects which are essential to the production of precision parts. The type and degree of lubrication and cooling required for various metal removal operations vary according to various factors. For example :

  • Type of operation (milling, turning, grinding, etc)
  • Type of metal (Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Magnesium, Brass, etc)
  • Type of tool material (Diamond, HSS, Carbide, etc)
  • Operating conditions (Geometry, speed, feed, depth of cut, etc)


For more information, please visit Ong Brothers Petroleum : Engine Oil Supplier in Malaysia.

Rubber Stamp manufacturer

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Rubber Stamp Manufacturer

A E Stamp was founded in 1992 and is now the biggest custom rubber stamp manufacturer and distributor in Malaysia. They are the pioneer in producing Pre-Inked Stamp and they are the only Pre-inked Gel Stamp producer in Malaysia.


Their Team has more than 60 Personnel to serve our network of almost 2,000 Dealers covering the whole country including Sabah and Sarawak.

They produce and sell Pre-Inked Stamps, Self-inking rubber stamps, Disney Stamps, Funny Stamps, Rubber Stamps, Liquid Polymer Stamps, Stock Stamps, Common Seals, Pocket Seals, Auto Numbering Machines, Fingerprint Pads, Rubber Types, Inks and any rubber stamp supplies.

for more information, please visit

licensed money lenders in Malaysia

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Licensed money lenders in Malaysia

Here are some of the licensed money lender in Malaysia :

1. UMC : UMC is one of the leading licensed money lender in Malaysia. They specialize in fast loan, personal loan and business loan where partnering with their customer to cater to their needs and interests. For more information please visit


2. Pinjamanperibadi : pinjamanperibadi specialize in personal loan and mortgage loan. Information of buying gold price is available in their website. For more information about pinjaman peribadi, please visit

Trademark infringement by a Malaysia SEO consultant

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Trademark infringement by a Malaysia SEO consultant

Trademark infringement occurs in every industries, and it generally happens in internet because everyone can easily copy and paste the information from a website to other website.

There is a case just published by a local well-known internet marketing company , who found one of his competitors ( a Malaysia SEO consultant too) committed trademark infringement for Locus-t’s slogan “don’t build your website in jungle” as well as the picture which a laptop is placed in the jungle and surrounded by animals.

Although Locus-t doesn’t mentioned the competitor’s name, but for many people who are in the Malaysia SEO industry, should know which website (the competitor) committed such trademark infringement. This competitor is currently rank his website on top 10 in for “Malaysia SEO” and “Malaysia SEO consultant”. Another Hint : He is SEO freelancer and never disclose his address and phone in his website.

If a SEO consultant even don’t care about intellectual properties for his own website, it is a big question mark for him whether he will follow Google webmaster guideline when he is doing SEO for his clients.

If you are looking for some reputable SEO company , here is a quick list :

1. Malaysia
2. Worldsites SEO Malaysia
3. Locus T SEO

Adventure Travel Package in Malaysia

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Adventure Travel Package in Malaysia

Peterson Travel Service provides customized Malaysia tour package and programmes for a whole range of travellers to Malaysia including Borneo travel. From a family holiday to an unforgettable Langkawi tour, Cameron Highlands tour, Sabah tour and Taman Negara tour. For the adventure seekers, we are here to give you the best possible travel plan.


We will avoid the run of the mill programmes as much as possible to make your travel a memorable experience with us. We exercise integrity & trust in our travel business and it is our priority to ensure every client has received our utmost attention at all times. Our service quality is genuine and well received since 1990.

We are a registered tour company with Tourism Malaysia. Licence No : 1857. For more information, please visit

Loan In Malaysia

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Loan in Malaysia

Looking for licensed money lender ? here it is :

Perfect Million Capital is a moneylender company approved by the ministry of Housing & Local Government under the money lenders Act 1951. Services include personal loan (pinjaman peribadi )and housing loan and more.


Personal Loan Malaysia

Loan from 1,000 to 10,000
- 3 Months Latest Pay Slip
- 3 Months Latest Bank Statement
- Photocopy Of IC
- Latest Electric & Water Bill
- Latest EPF Statement
Loan from 10,000 to 1,000,00
- Collateral Require (eg. Property / Housing / Shop / land Grant)

You also can find another licensed money lender which provide fast loan (pinjaman cepat) , business loan and personal loan at

Fire extinguisher supplier - I-Gen

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Firepro Aerosol System - I - Gen

I-Gen Resources Sdn Bhd, a company registered in Malaysia is principally involved in the fire protection industry. Over the years, I-Gen has secured various distribution rights for award winning fire protection products like FirePro aerosol fire extinguishing system, “Fike - Fireraser” modular clean agent system, “ICAM” highly sensitive smoke detectors, “Powermoon” search and rescue luminaries and “Ziton” addressable fire alarm systems.



I-Gen is also a fire extinguisher supplier and the provider of rescue system : Powermoon. For more information about I-Gen, please visit

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Welcome to Malaysia Digital Network. We just launch our website. The mission of this website is to introduce some useful information and Malaysian websites. If you have other nice website to introduce, please email at webmaster “at”