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Trademark infringement by a Malaysia SEO consultant


Trademark infringement by a Malaysia SEO consultant

Trademark infringement occurs in every industries, and it generally happens in internet because everyone can easily copy and paste the information from a website to other website.

There is a case just published by a local well-known internet marketing company , who found one of his competitors ( a Malaysia SEO consultant too) committed trademark infringement for Locus-t’s slogan “don’t build your website in jungle” as well as the picture which a laptop is placed in the jungle and surrounded by animals.

Although Locus-t doesn’t mentioned the competitor’s name, but for many people who are in the Malaysia SEO industry, should know which website (the competitor) committed such trademark infringement. This competitor is currently rank his website on top 10 in for “Malaysia SEO” and “Malaysia SEO consultant”. Another Hint : He is SEO freelancer and never disclose his address and phone in his website.

If a SEO consultant even don’t care about intellectual properties for his own website, it is a big question mark for him whether he will follow Google webmaster guideline when he is doing SEO for his clients.

If you are looking for some reputable SEO service company,  here is a quick list :

2. Locus T SEO


mdnadmin • January 16, 2010

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