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Mc Ocean Cheat ? Al Kurma

McOcean Cheat ? A Product Review From A Doctor (2019)

Hi, I am Dr Sri Murniati

Today I would like to share with all of you an excellent product which could help all mothers to solve the problem of “I can’t seem to produce enough milk for my child!”

Being able to successfully breastfeed your newborn child is a satisfaction desired by all. However, often than we not, problems to provide enough milk is commonly faced especially with ‘virgin mothers’.

It is understood that the main reason for breastfeeding is to provide nutrition and immune protection to the young after birth which means failure to do so could lead to potentially a whole list of problems.

There are two main breastfeeding hormones released during nursing namely oxytocin and prolactin; both of which serves distinct functions.

In short, prolactin allows the glands in the breasts to produce milk while the oxytocin delivers the milk to the newborn. Interference in any of these hormones could lead to non- satisfying experience of breastfeeding and inadequate amount of milk produced for the newborn.

In most cases of suspected low milk supply, the baby is not putting on weight according to the growth curve. Doctors will advise mothers on the correct technique of breastfeeding and its proper frequency. Adequate attention to one’s need for rest, relaxation, proper diets and enough fluid intake shall be looked into among other things.

In order to let the mothers produce more milk supply, I have look into the products available in current market, I stumbled upon an excellent product called Ener Al-Kurma which is produced from the highest nutritional value of dates: Kurma Ajwa. Through a fermentation process and ionization procedures, it’s nutritional values is maintained and easily absorbed into the body system.

Ener Al-Kurma assists in addressing the issue of inadequate milk supply and production as it contains substance which stimulates the same response as the oxytocin hormone. Mothers who face this issue and consume Ener Al-Kurma, have noted substantial increase in the production of breast milk coupled with the proper techniques of breastfeeding. Great source for essential minerals and rich in naturally occurring sugars, Ener Al-Kurma boosts body metabolism and provides instant energy for the breastfeeding mothers. This too, helps in the overall process of breastfeeding, ensuring the newborn is adequately fed on demand.

While I’m conducting a research to know more about Ener Al-Kurma, that is the moment when I found out about Mc Ocean and decided to venture into this new industry.

Entrepreneurship was never my first choice. Growing up in a largely non-business family where my dad was in the army and my mother is a homemaker; i was brought up with the idea of aspiring to be a lady of high profession in the eyes of the public such as doctor, lawyer, engineer and so on. I belief that this idea is also strongly condoned by the society and being passed on for generations.

I, too have always wanted to be a doctor by profession.  After graduating from Kolej Yayasan Saad Malacca (Class of 2003), I pursued to study medicine at Monash University, Australia for 5 years. Shortly after graduation in 2010, I began my career as a doctor at General Hospital of Malacca.
Everything changed after i found Mc Ocean.

Mc Ocean has laid out a platform that not only would provide me the opportunity to improve my life financially and maximize my potential, but I could also share this platform and offer guidance to the people who are willing to change and accomplish more in life.

Mc Ocean Product Review By Doctor

It has been a fantastic 7 years for me in this industry and I have undergone a transformation from a regular person to now, an entrepreneur who is always striving to be a better person in regards to personal, mental and social development. These tributes are not only important to enhance myself but having acquired them will allow me to inspire others to make bold and prosperous change in life.

Business platform has opened another door for me to reach out to the community especially to bring upon awareness to the women out there; to enhance their presence and roles in society and empower them to be all around.

Lastly, I do believe that it is okay to dream big and do something out of norm or ordinary. You have to realize that the only thing that is holding you back from your dreams is your fear of change. Change is crucial and every successful stories begins with a change.

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts”

Wish you all the best!
Dr Sri Murniati binti Rosli.
FB: Sri Murniati Rosli
IG: srimurniatirosli


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Product Information

What is Ener Al Kurma from Mc Ocean?

Ener Al Kurma is a natural date fruit drink that does not contain any added sugar, lactose, artificial colouring and preservatives. Utilizing the date strain that has the highest nutritional and medicinal value (Kurma Ajwa), its easily-absorbed antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and nutritious metabolites are richly retain with high-tech fermentation and ionization technology. Its highly antioxidizing invert sugar not only provide immediate energy boost, but also constitutes little calories.


Why Ener Al Kurma can promote lady’s health and breast milk volume and quantity?

Kurma dates contain rich amount of invert sugar, calcium and iron, of which not only improve breast milk quantity for lactating mothers, it is also essential in regulating uterine contraction and regulate blood pressure of expected mothers. For every ladies, kurma dates can essentially replace chocolate, which is high in calories, relieving menstrual syndrome, improve anemia and sooth moods without contributing to obesity.


What is the price of Ener Al Kurma?

The recommended retail price for Ener Al Kurma is RM 226


Where can I buy Ener Al Kurma ?

You can buy Ener Al Kurma from online e-commerce store such as shopee, lazada etc. However, we recommend you to buy it from our authorized distributor and join as member to save your cost. Kindly refer to below contact information :

Mc Ocean Dr Sri Murniati

Dr Sri Murniati binti Rosli.
FB: Sri Murniati Rosli
IG: srimurniatirosli


muniarti • September 28, 2019

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